Winifred Knights

Winifred Knights (1899–1947) was a notable British painter who flourished during the early 20th century. Born in London, Knights attended the Slade School of Fine Art, where she distinguished herself by winning several awards, including the prestigious Rome Scholarship in Decorative Painting.

Knights’ style was rooted in the British neo-romanticism of the early 20th century, combined with elements of the Italian Renaissance, a likely influence from her time in Italy on the scholarship. Her paintings, often infused with a dreamlike quality, displayed a meticulous attention to detail. The subjects of her work often revolved around religious themes, but with a contemporary twist, and she also occasionally ventured into social commentaries, reflecting the concerns of her age.

One of her most renowned works is “The Deluge” (1920), an apocalyptic portrayal of the biblical flood, where she incorporated modern people in a scene of panic and chaos.

The influence of the Italian Quattrocento is evident in the linear clarity of her compositions and the calm demeanor of her figures, even when portrayed in distressing circumstances.

Artists with a style and thematic similarity to Knights include other British neo-romantics like Stanley Spencer and Paul Nash. These artists, while each possessing a distinct style, all sought to infuse their works with a blend of tradition and modernity, often addressing themes of war, religion, and the English landscape.

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Artwork in the style of Winifred Knights
Artwork in the style of Winifred Knights
Artwork in the style of Winifred Knights
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