Postmodernism, a diverse cultural and intellectual movement emerging in the mid-20th century, challenges modernist ideals and rejects a single, overarching narrative. Embracing eclecticism and a blurring of high and low culture, postmodernist art, literature, and architecture often play with irony, parody, and pastiche. Influential figures include Jean Baudrillard, Cindy Sherman, and Robert Venturi. Postmodernism questions established norms, embracing pluralism and embracing a more fragmented, decentralized perspective on art and society.

  1. Jean Baudrillard (also a cultural theorist)
  2. Cindy Sherman
  3. Jeff Koons
  4. Barbara Kruger
  5. Robert Venturi (also an architect)
  6. Sherrie Levine
  7. Damien Hirst
  8. Jenny Holzer (also associated with Conceptual Art)
  9. David Salle
  10. Nam June Paik
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