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Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (1909-1992) was a British painter known for his bold, emotionally charged, and often grotesque and nightmarish imagery. Drawing influence from Surrealism, Cubism, and the Old Masters, Bacon’s style is characterized by its distortion of the human form, dramatic use of color, and large-scale triptychs. His work, often exploring themes of death, crucifixion, and existential dread, includes notable pieces like “Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion.” Despite his bleak and confrontational subject matter, Bacon’s contribution to post-war British art has made him one of the most celebrated painters of the 20th century.

Artwork in the style of Francis Bacon
Artwork in the style of Francis Bacon (Midjourney v5.2)

Alice Bailly

Alice Bailly (1872–1938) was a Swiss painter known for her involvement in a variety of avant-garde movements, including Fauvism, Cubism, and Futurism. Bailly’s style, characterized by its bold color, dynamic form, and innovative techniques, underwent constant evolution throughout her career. She is also known for her “wool paintings,” a unique technique involving strands of colored wool applied to the canvas to create a semi-abstract effect. Notable works like “Self-Portrait” reflect her explorative approach to painting. Despite her early death, Bailly’s contribution to modern art movements and her experimental techniques left a significant mark on 20th-century art.

Artwork in the style of Alice Bailly
Artwork in the style of Alice Bailly (Midjourney v5.2)

Hans Baldung

Hans Baldung (1484–1545), known as Hans Baldung Grien, was a German painter and printmaker in woodcut. He was the most artistically adventurous and daring of Albrecht Dürer’s major students, known for his fascination with witches and mythological motifs. Baldung’s style, characterized by its dynamic compositions, vivid color, and innovative iconography, is reflected in works like “The Three Ages of Man and Death.” Despite his preoccupation with themes of death and the supernatural, Baldung’s significant contributions to the German Renaissance, particularly in the realm of printmaking, have been widely recognized.

Artwork in the style of Hans Baldung
Artwork in the style of Hans Baldung (Midjourney v5.2)


Balthus (1908-2001), born Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, was a Polish-French modern artist known for his erotically charged images of pubescent girls and for his classical painting techniques. His style, both reverential of tradition and deeply personal, is characterized by its narrative complexity, meticulous attention to detail, and sense of mystery and enigma. Balthus’s provocative subject matter, as seen in works like “The King of Cats” and “The Guitar Lesson,” has made him a controversial figure in modern art. Despite this, his technical skill and unique approach to representation have earned him a prominent place in 20th-century art.

Artwork in the style of Balthus
Artwork in the style of Balthus (Midjourney v5.2)

Will Barnet

Will Barnet (1911-2012) was an American artist known for his paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints depicting the human figure and animals, both in casual scenes of daily life and in transcendent dreamlike worlds. Barnet’s style, transitioning from abstract expressionism to a more representational, symbolic style, is characterized by its elegant simplicity, clean lines, and ethereal quality. His works, such as “Woman and Cats,” convey a sense of tranquility and introspection. Barnet’s significant contributions to 20th-century art include not only his body of work, but also his influence on generations of students during his many years of teaching.

Artwork in the style of Will Barnet
Artwork in the style of Will Barnet (Midjourney v5.2)

Bo Bartlett

Bo Bartlett (born 1955) is an American realist painter known for his grand-scale, emotionally charged works that often reflect his personal experiences and view of the American scene. Bartlett’s style, deeply rooted in traditional representation while encompassing a modern sensibility, is characterized by its dramatic narrative content, meticulous detail, and profound sense of quietude. His works, like “Homecoming,” grapple with themes of identity, memory, and the collective American psyche.

Artwork in the style of Bo Bartlett
Artwork in the style of Bo Bartlett (Midjourney v5.2)

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) was an American artist of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent. Rising to fame in the 1980s New York art scene, Basquiat’s work, known for its raw Neo-Expressionist style, incorporated graffiti, symbols, and text to comment on a variety of themes such as wealth versus poverty, integration versus segregation, and inner versus outer experience. His art, as seen in pieces like “Untitled (Skull)” and “Dustheads,” is celebrated for its depth of focus, complexity, and critique of power structures. Despite his tragically short career, Basquiat’s influence on contemporary art is profound.

Artwork in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat
Artwork in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat (Midjourney v5.2)

Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini (circa 1430-1516) was an esteemed Italian painter who played a pivotal role in the development of the Venetian Renaissance. Bellini’s style, deeply rooted in colorism and atmospheric illusionism, was instrumental in transforming Venetian painting from an earlier emphasis on line and drawing. His religious works, such as “San Zaccaria Altarpiece,” are characterized by meditative quietude and luminous color palettes. Bellini’s innovation in oil painting significantly influenced later generations of Venetian artists.

Artwork in the style of Giovanni Bellini
Artwork in the style of Giovanni Bellini (Midjourney v5.2)

Ambrosius Benson

Ambrosius Benson (circa 1495–1550) was an Italian painter who became a leading master in the Flemish and Italian tradition. He was active mainly in Bruges, where he produced numerous works for the local bourgeoisie and foreign merchants. Benson’s style is characterized by its fine detail, bright color, and attentive rendering of textures and light. He is known for his religious subjects as well as his secular works, particularly his portraits and scenes of women, such as “Woman at her Toilet.” Benson’s works provide valuable insights into the life and aesthetics of 16th century Flanders.

Artwork in the style of Ambrosius Benson
Artwork in the style of Ambrosius Benson (Midjourney v5.2)

Emile Bernard

Émile Bernard (1868–1941) was a French Post-Impressionist painter and writer who had artistic friendships with Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and at a later time, Cézanne. Bernard’s style, characterized by its bold use of flat color and simplified forms, played a significant role in the development of Cloisonnism, a style named for its visual similarity to the medieval enameling technique. His works, such as “Breton Women in the Meadow,” often focus on the people and landscapes of Brittany. Despite being less well-known than his contemporaries, Bernard’s influence on the direction of modern art was substantial.

Artwork in the style of Émile Bernard
Artwork in the style of Émile Bernard (Midjourney v5.2)

George Birrell

George Birrell (born 1956) is a contemporary Scottish painter known for his vibrant, semi-abstract depictions of Scottish towns and landscapes. Birrell’s style, characterized by its bold color, strong lines, and simplified forms, is influenced by the Scottish Colourist movement and the architecture of the Scottish coastal towns. His works, such as “Harbour Wall,” capture the distinctive light and atmosphere of the East coast of Scotland.

Artwork in the style of George Birrell
Artwork in the style of George Birrell (Midjourney v5.2)

Antoine Blanchard

Antoine Blanchard (1910–1988) is the pseudonym under which the French painter Marcel Masson painted his immensely popular Parisian street scenes. Inspired by the Belle Époque period, Blanchard’s work typically depicts the city of Paris during the early 20th century. His style is often compared to Édouard Cortès, representing a romanticized portrayal of the era with a focus on landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. His vibrant palette and nostalgic theme have garnered widespread acclaim, particularly among American and British art collectors.

Artwork in the style of Antoine Blanchard
Artwork in the style of Antoine Blanchard (Midjourney v5.2)

William Blake

William Blake (1757-1827) was a seminal English painter, poet, and printmaker. Known for his idiosyncratic symbolism and mystic themes, his Romantic style defied the conventions of his time. Blake combined visual and literary arts, creating innovative illuminated books like “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. His unique work, imbued with spiritual and revolutionary ideas, includes renowned pieces such as “The Ancient of Days”. Though underappreciated during his lifetime, Blake’s visionary creativity profoundly influenced later artistic and poetic movements.

Artwork in the style of William Blake
Artwork in the style of William Blake (Midjourney v5.2)

Lee Bogle

Lee Bogle (born 1946) is an American artist known for his evocative and passionate portrayals of Native Americans and lovers. Bogle’s style, characterized by its emotion-filled subjects and masterful use of light and color, often highlights the spiritual and sensual dimensions of human experience. His works, like “The Sentinel” and “Sacred Bond,” capture the dignity and beauty of indigenous cultures, as well as the intensity of human relationships.

Artwork in the style of Lee Bogle
Artwork in the style of Lee Bogle (Midjourney v5.2)

Enoch Bolles

Enoch Bolles (1883–1976) was an American painter of pin-up art. He is considered one of the early masters of this genre. Bolles is best known for his work on Film Fun magazine’s covers from 1923 until it ceased publication in 1943. His style, characterized by its Art Deco aesthetics and playful, provocative depictions of women, helped define the visual language of the classic American pin-up. His works, often featuring glamorous, stylish women in playful situations, made him one of the most recognizable and influential pin-up artists of the first half of the 20th century.

Artwork in the style of Enoch Bolles
Artwork in the style of Enoch Bolles (Midjourney v5.2)

Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) was a French painter and sculptor celebrated for her realistic portrayals of animals. Straying from the Romantic style prevalent in her era, she adopted a Realist approach, extensively studying and sketching animals in their natural environments. Notable for her unconventional lifestyle and work in a male-dominated field, Bonheur achieved critical acclaim with works like “The Horse Fair.” Her detailed and empathetic representations of animal subjects set a precedent in 19th-century European art.

Artwork in the style of Rosa Bonheur
Artwork in the style of Rosa Bonheur (Midjourney v5.2)

Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) was a French painter, illustrator, and printmaker, known as one of the founding members of the Post-Impressionist group of avant-garde painters called Les Nabis. Bonnard’s style, characterized by its intimate domestic scenes, dappled color, and innovative compositional style, straddled both the Impressionist and modernist movements. His works, such as “The Breakfast Room,” often focus on the effects of light and feature areas of unblended color that anticipate modernist techniques. Despite his reticence to engage with the avant-garde, Bonnard’s lasting influence on the trajectory of French painting is considerable.

Artwork in the style of Pierre Bonnard
Artwork in the style of Pierre Bonnard (Midjourney v5.2)

Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1450-1516) was a notable Dutch painter, revered for his intricate, surreal, and often eerie works. Operating in the Late Gothic period, Bosch’s unique style and thematic focus on religious morality and human folly set him apart. His detailed, allegorical triptychs like “The Garden of Earthly Delights” are imbued with symbolic elements and fantastical imagery, offering cryptic narratives of humanity’s sins. Bosch’s enigmatic and distinctive oeuvre has continued to fascinate viewers for centuries.

Artwork in the style of Hieronymus Bosch
Artwork in the style of Hieronymus Bosch (Midjourney v5.2)

Ambrosius Bosschaert

Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (1573–1621) was a still life painter of the Dutch Golden Age. He was one of the pioneers of Dutch still-life painting, known for his detailed and bright depictions of flowers. Bosschaert’s style, characterized by its precise realism and elaborate composition, often included symbolic and religious themes subtly woven into his floral arrangements. His works, such as “Bouquet of Flowers on a Ledge,” were instrumental in establishing the popularity of the flower still life genre in the Netherlands. Despite his relatively short career, Bosschaert’s influence on later generations of Dutch flower painters was significant.

Artwork in the style of Ambrosius Bosschaert
Artwork in the style of Ambrosius Bosschaert (Midjourney v5.2)

Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) was a prominent Italian painter from the Early Renaissance period. Known for his refined style, Botticelli’s works beautifully marry classical mythology with Christian symbolism. His iconic masterpieces, such as “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera,” are recognized for their distinctive composition and ethereal grace. Working primarily in Florence under the patronage of the Medici family, Botticelli’s contribution to art was pivotal in defining the visual language of the 15th-century Italian Renaissance.

Artwork in the style of Sandro Botticelli
Artwork in the style of Sandro Botticelli (Midjourney v5.2)

François Boucher

François Boucher (1703-1770) was a prolific French painter, illustrator, and designer. His art epitomizes the elegance, opulence, and whimsy characteristic of the Rococo style. Heavily influenced by Venetian Renaissance art, his works often depicted pastoral scenes, nymphs, and classical mythology with detailed decorative elements. Known for pieces like “Cupid a Captive,” Boucher was the court painter to Madame de Pompadour and King Louis XV. His influence pervaded painting, decorative arts, and theatre design in 18th-century France.

Artwork in the style of François Boucher
Artwork in the style of François Boucher (Midjourney v5.2)

Georges Braques

Georges Braque (1882-1963) was a major 20th-century French painter and sculptor who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed the art style known as Cubism. His works are characterized by their fragmented forms, multiple perspectives, and neutral color palette, which broke with traditional representations of space and form in painting. Braque’s style, exemplified in works like “Violin and Candlestick,” has been influential in the development of many modern art movements. Despite a serious injury in World War I that temporarily interrupted his work, Braque’s impact on the evolution of abstract art remains significant.

Artwork in the style of Georges Braque
Artwork in the style of Georges Braque (Midjourney v5.2)

Bill Brauer

Bill Brauer (born 1944) is an American artist recognized for his evocative and sensual depictions of the human figure, primarily women. His style, influenced by his training in classical painting techniques, features rich, warm colors and expressive brushwork that merge realism with a sense of fantasy. Brauer’s paintings, such as those in his “Dance” series, often evoke a sense of mystery and narrative.

Artwork in the style of Bill Brauer
Artwork in the style of Bill Brauer (Midjourney v5.2)

Victor Brauner

Victor Brauner (1903-1966) was a Romanian painter of Jewish descent who was closely connected to the Surrealist movement. Brauner’s style, characterized by its imaginative symbolism and eerie, dreamlike quality, often reflected themes of mythology, religion, and the occult. His works, such as “Prelude to a Civilization” and “Wolf-Table,” showcase his distinct approach to Surrealism, which incorporated elements of his personal experiences and Eastern European folk traditions. Despite facing significant challenges as a Jewish artist during World War II, Brauner’s contributions to Surrealism have been widely recognized in the years since his death.

Artwork in the style of Victor Brauner
Artwork in the style of Victor Brauner (Midjourney v5.2)

Arnold Böcklin

Arnold Böcklin (1827–1901) was a Swiss symbolist painter whose works often depict mythological, fantastical, and allegorical subjects. Böcklin’s style, characterized by its use of intense colors, dramatic lighting, and a fusion of classical motifs with romanticism, often communicates themes of death and the supernatural. His most famous work, “Island of the Dead,” is an iconic piece of Symbolist art. Despite the dominance of Realist and Impressionist styles during his time, Böcklin’s contribution to Symbolist art and his influence on later artists like Salvador Dalí and H.R. Giger have secured his place in art history.

Artwork in the style of Arnold Böcklin
Artwork in the style of Arnold Böcklin (Midjourney v5.2)

Troy Brooks

Troy Brooks (birth year unknown) is a contemporary Canadian artist known for his surrealistic, elongated depictions of women. Drawing inspiration from both classical portraiture and fashion photography, Brooks’ work is characterized by its blend of pop culture elements, antiquated aesthetics, and modernist distortions. His style, seen in pieces like “Queen Mab,” often incorporates elements of caricature to explore themes of identity, transformation, and the subconscious.

Artwork in the style of Troy Brooks
Artwork in the style of Troy Brooks (Midjourney v5.2)

Romaine Brooks

Romaine Brooks (1874–1970), born Beatrice Romaine Goddard, was an American painter who worked mostly in Paris and Capri. Known for her portraiture and depiction of the female figure, Brooks’ style, characterized by its muted color palette and androgynous subjects, broke away from the popular styles of her time, such as Impressionism and Fauvism. Her works, such as “Peter, a Young English Girl” and “Self-Portrait,” often explore themes of gender, identity, and the melancholic. Despite a relatively small body of work, Brooks’ contributions to early 20th-century art, particularly in relation to gender and sexuality, are noteworthy.

Artwork in the style of Romaine Brooks
Artwork in the style of Romaine Brooks (Midjourney v5.2)

Pieter Bruegel The Elder

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (circa 1525-1569) was a significant Flemish painter and printmaker known for his depictions of landscapes and peasant scenes. Considered a pioneer of genre painting during the Netherlandish Renaissance, his works exhibited a profound understanding of human nature and condition. His notable paintings, such as “The Tower of Babel” and “The Hunters in the Snow,” combined intricate detail with narrative depth. Bruegel’s impactful legacy influenced a dynasty of artists and the course of Dutch Golden Age painting.

Artwork in the style of Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Artwork in the style of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Midjourney v5.2)

Quint Buchholz

Quint Buchholz (born 1957) is a German artist, illustrator, and author known for his enigmatic and dreamlike illustrations. His work often combines realistic details with surreal elements, creating an atmosphere of mystery and contemplation. Buchholz’s paintings frequently feature solitary figures and vast, open landscapes, invoking a sense of longing and introspection. In addition to his fine art, he has illustrated numerous children’s books and novels, imbuing them with his distinctive visual style. His artwork continues to be celebrated in exhibitions and publications worldwide.

Artwork in the style of Quint Buchholz
Artwork in the style of Quint Buchholz (Midjourney v5.2)

Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt (born 1957) is a British artist known for his simple and charming depictions of a solitary old man and his dog in various scenes of country life. Bunt’s style, characterized by its minimalistic composition, thoughtful humor, and narrative quality, is influenced by his own experiences and the people and landscapes of his native Kent. His works, like “The Long Journey,” capture the quiet beauty of everyday life and often convey a deep sense of poetry.

Artwork in the style of Gary Bunt
Artwork in the style of Gary Bunt (Midjourney v5.2)

Edward Burne-Jones

Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) was a British artist and designer closely associated with the later phase of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Burne-Jones’ style, characterized by its romanticism, dreamlike atmosphere, and detailed precision, was heavily influenced by medieval art. His works, such as “The Beguiling of Merlin” and “The Golden Stairs,” often draw from myth, legend, and the Bible. Despite initial criticism for his idealized, decorative approach, Burne-Jones’s influence on the British Aesthetic Movement and symbolism in art has been profound. His contributions to decorative arts, particularly in collaboration with William Morris, also had a significant impact on the Arts and Crafts movement.

Artwork in the style of Sir Edward Burne-Jones
Artwork in the style of Sir Edward Burne-Jones (Midjourney v5.2)

Saturno Butto

Saturno Butto (born 1957) is an Italian contemporary artist recognized for his provocative and often unsettling paintings. Butto’s style, characterized by its sharp realism, muted color palettes, and incorporation of religious and erotic symbolism, often examines themes of human sensuality, spiritual tension, and the body as a vessel for sin and desire. His works, such as “Culto Segreto,” often reference Christian iconography and the aesthetics of Baroque painting. Butto continues to create and exhibit his work, contributing to contemporary Italian art with his distinctive and challenging visual narratives.

Artwork in the style of Saturno Butto
Artwork in the style of Saturno Butto (Midjourney v5.2)

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