Brad Kunkle

Brad Kunkle, born in 1978, is an American contemporary artist known for his unique fusion of oil painting with precious metal leaf, predominantly gold and silver. His ethereal and dreamlike works often focus on women, set against neutral, monochromatic backgrounds. These figures, captured in serene and often introspective moments, juxtapose beautifully with the dynamic shimmer of the metal leaf.

Kunkle’s style is rooted in realism, but his addition of metallic elements introduces a surreal quality to his works, playing with light and reflection in a way that is both literal and metaphorical. He believes that these metals can accentuate the mystical elements of our existence, blurring the lines between the tangible and the ethereal.

Drawing inspiration from symbolism and the changing seasons of nature, Kunkle’s works often carry themes of personal transformation, the cycles of nature, and the feminine divine. His technique of adding gold and silver leaf not only elevates the aesthetic value of his works but also adds layers of meaning, such as transcendence, purity, and the ethereal nature of existence.

Artists such as Gustav Klimt, who also famously incorporated gold leaf into his paintings, can be thought of when looking for parallels in style or technique. Yet, Kunkle’s unique approach to the interplay of realism with metallic elements remains distinctively his own in the contemporary art scene.

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Artwork in the style of Brad Kunkle
Artwork in the style of Brad Kunkle
Artwork in the style of Brad Kunkle
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